If you’re searching for the best bar in Hot Springs, look no further. Copper Penny Pub provides a traditional Irish pub experience in the heart of downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. Here, you’ll find a fun atmosphere, live music, and friendly locals. Our love of Irish culture is evident in all we do. Come on in, have a seat, and revel in the atmosphere.

Located right in downtown, it's the perfect place to have a couple of drinks, meet new people, relax with friends, and fight a leprechaun if you're lucky enough to see one. Good food, cold beer and 8 big screen tv's is what you'll find at this pub. Don't worry if you find a potato or two just laying around. Why? Because. Ireland.

Copper Penny Pub | Hot Springs, AR

Come in for the local friendly experience we are famous for!


We don't have a famine of beer at Copper Penny. At this Irish Pub, we have lots o' beer whether it be your big name brands like the black stuff (Guinness) PLUS locally crafted names including Core, Bubba Brews, Lost Forty, and all the other fellas.


Whether you're ordering our Damngood BLT entree or Kelly's dip appetizer, we're sure our food will knock your socks off. Just make sure to pick them up before a leprechaun steals them.


What's a pub without great memories? Or lack of if you had THAT great of a time. We have a secret social ingredient that we encourage you to try: alcohol. The more you drink the more you socialize and create those memories!


What would Ireland be without potatoes, the color green, shamrocks, or beer? Absolutely nothing.

What's a pub without live music? Nothing.

They just go together. That's why we have live music Friday nights. We encourage you to check out our events page. In fact, we'll even include a nifty little button to take you right to it. Cheers fella.

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